Joan and Joe Williams

Frank Sinatra (b. Hoboken, NJ on December 12, 1915  May 14, 1998)

Pete Minger and Joan Cartwright

Joan and Jon Hendricks


The blues is a man and a woman makin' love or not makin' love, whatever the case may be. 

There ain't nothin' in the world but a man and a woman makin' love.

Treat me right and you don't have to marry me. All I want is good financin' and some fine jewlery. ~ Diva JC


John Lee Hooker - Blues Man


Farewell to the bossest jazzman that ever lived.

Frank Foster born in Cincinnati, OH September 23, 1928 July 26, 2011


[Brighton, UK 2004] Joe Lee Wilson (b. Bristow, OK on December 22, 1935 - July 17, 2011) and Joan Cartwright

[Jet Apr 20, 1967] Hilly Saunders b. New York in 1921 - d. July 4, 2011.

Frederick Dewayne "Freddie" Hubbard born Indianapolis, IN on April 7, 1938 December 29, 2008 

Ronnie Mathews (right) born in NYC on December 2, 1935 June 28, 2008)


Joan Cartwright, Executive Director
Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.