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AUGUST 20, 2008 @ 6 - 8 P.M. EST

Hey Joan...Bright Moments!

It's ALWAYS a "Bright Moment" hearing from you with some "Sunshine" about your constant determination to travel through the world of "Jazz", as "Up Hill" as it always seems to be! I really admire you tenacity! Keep doing what you're doing, it's wonderful!

Hopefully your Spirit is being properly nutritionally fed with all of the variety of things that you make happen! My world is also holding it's own musically... check out my "Web Site", it's always being Up dated with New and Current stuff!!

Some really exciting events have been surfacing in my world, last year was incredible, and if God wills, this year will be just as, or even more exciting than last year! Let's you and I Pray on the success of our visions , our family, the health of our Body and Minds, Positive Creative Energy each day, and that hopefully, this year we'll finally SEE EACH OTHER once again!!!!

Keep sending me stuff,

Love, Peace, and Music,



  1. Toshiko Akiyoshi
  2. Geri Allen
  3. Andrews Sisters
  4. Angela Andrews
  5. Lil Harden Armstrong
  6. Dorothy Ashby
  7. Pearl Bailey
  8. Beverly Barkley
  9. Karen Briggs
  10. Suzanne Brooks
  11. Ruth Brown
  12. Blanche Calloway
  13. Diane Cameron
  14. Betty Carter
  15. Joan Cartwright
  16. Kim Clarke
  17. Gloria Coleman
  18. Alice Coltrane
  19. Celia Cruz
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  21. Dorothy Donegan
  22. Ella Fitzgerald
  23. Gloria Galante
  24. Rita Graham
  25. Jace Harnage
  26. Lenora Helm
  27. Billie Holiday
  28. Bertha Hope
  29. Shirley Horn
  30. Lena Horne
  31. Alberta Hunter
  32. Jus' Cynthia
  33. Sandra Kaye
  34. Emme Kemp
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  49. Trudy Pitts
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  54. Bessie Smith
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  62. Ethel Waters
  63. Mary Lou Williams


August 1933 - December 19, 2011

Trudy Pitts is a native Philadelphian who began playing piano at age six. Her mother, too, was a musician and inspired this family tradition. "My family was deeply involved in the church community," says Trudy, "and I started playing piano for Sunday school when I was about nine or ten. As time went on, I was introduced to the church organ, and I played organ in Sunday school."

Trudy later helped with the senior choir during the main services and from there went on to her own church choirs in various other settings. As she puts it, "It was just a musical atmosphere. You did whatever you had to do wherever you were."

Earning a degree in music education was only natural for this talented prodigy. She studied at Philadelphia's Musical Academy, Temple University, and Julliard, among other institutions. During these years she reached out to the classics and built a base from which future compositions and arrangements would spring.

Always seeking new musical challenges, Trudy accepted an offer to sit in the pit as an assistant to the pianist in the Tony Award-winning show "Raisin"', when it traveled through Philadelphia.

"I did that for the month or two that they were in town. Then, not too much later I got a call from the manager inquiring if I could join the company for the rest of the tour." [More. . .]